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If you ask three people, “What is Mafietta?” – Each could give you a different answer and all of them would be correct.

. . .so, what is Mafietta


Is Mafietta a TV series?

Is Mafietta a TV series?


Is Mafietta a Book Series?

Is Mafietta a Book Series?



Mafietta began as an idea in the mind of Author E. W. Brooks. A fan of “gangster” style movies, Brooks always wondered what happened to the women left behind once their men were carted off to prison. This question led to her writing, Mafietta. After receiving rave reviews from her small fan base, Brooks self-published the second novella in the series, Mafietta 2: A House Divided.

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However, E.W. Brooks’ vision for #ClarkeAndErrol, the story’s main characters, didn’t stop there. Her intent was to also see Mafietta succeed on the screen while addressing serious issues, such as domestic violence. “After having a few of my readers say they’d like to see Mafietta on TV, I knew I was on the right track with my own thinking. That was the confirmation I needed to take the next step.”

Charlon Turner plays Dee. A woman abused by her boyfriend.

Charlon Turner plays Dee. A woman abused by her boyfriend.


. . . and that is exactly what Brooks did as she reached out to Natalya Kelly, Jr. Story Producer for Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy for Bravo TV. “Natalya encouraged me to pursue my dream, but to keep my eyes open during the process. That is some of the best advice I’ve gotten so far. She really brought this together for me. After that I knew I needed to keep pushing, so I did, and MafiettaTV was born.”


Natalya reached out to Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor Jahmar Hill. His recent feature, Last Love Lost, also deals with domestic violence and after Brooks’ review of the trailer, she was sold. “Once I saw his trailer, I knew he would get Clarke, Errol, and the Bellow Brothers.”

j hill 1Jahmar is writer, director, and producer of Last Love Lost

last love

“Jahmar and his crew came in and took my vision to another level. After a few days of shooting, they (Tim Fontaine, the owner of FontaineVision Film Group and Director of Photography for Mafietta; and Fareed Rashad, Boom Operator/Hair Artist) seemed like family.” Mafietta, the pilot episode, is currently in post-production.



All smiles with Director Jahmar Hill, PA Taneshia Perkins-Givens and EP E.W. Brooks

All smiles with Director Jahmar Hill, PA Taneshia Perkins-Givens and EP E.W. Brooks

E.W. Brooks, her husband, and father-in-law executive produced, “Mafietta, The Series.”

“Jahmar went out of his way to make sure my cast was comfortable and then we got to watch magic happen. Suddenly my characters had bodies and voices, too.” Nikkita Donyal Johnson and Uly Cho star opposite each other as Clarke and Errol in Brook’s pilot episode.

Mafietta Movement (MM) – Do you plan to make more episodes?

E.W. Brooks (E.W.) – Absolutely, I think the world is gonna love Clarke, aka Mafietta, once they meet her.

MM – How did you go from writing a book to filming a tv pilot?

E.W. – I knew what I wanted from the beginning. I wanted to write short books that grabbed the readers’ attention, left them ready to read the next installment, and waiting to see the story hit the screen. Thank God, it’s finally happening.

MM – How did you finance Mafietta?

E.W. – It began with a supportive husband. We gave up a lot. I didn’t get my hair and nails done. I pumped every extra dollar I had into Mafietta. We skipped movie night and settled for Netflix or Red Box and then we prayed – but don’t feel sorry for me because our sacrifice is paying off. More and more people are asking about the Mafietta Movement.

MM – How do fans who love Mafietta and want to see more episodes contribute to the cause?

E.W. – The Mafietta trailer will debut next month, but our crowd funding campaign begins today. I hope that readers will fall in love with these characters just like I did and want to donate.


“Writing, publishing, and selling books on my own helped me to develop mad love for indie writers and other artists. I wanted all original music for Mafietta commercials and for the series, so be on the look-out for some killer music.”

Mafietta will feature, the tile track by J-QUIN, “WAR”, a song by William “C-Dub” Smith, along with a remake of the Morgan Heritage Classic, “She’s Still Loving Me.”


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You can find Jahmar Hill’s work on his YouTube Channel and his IMDB.

You can also reach him at JahmarHillProductions@Gmail.Com

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 Connect with Author, E.W. Brooks via her Facebook pageTwitter, and official website. This series is unlike anything else you’ve read. These fast paced pieces of serialized fiction grab the reader’s attention in the first few pages and never let’s go.


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Here are a Few of Mafietta’s Book Reviews

Buckle your seat belt and hide your kids. Mafietta is one relentless thrill ride from beginning to end.

– CoCo, Reader

Mafietta is like a roller coaster. You can’t stop until the end. I loved it!

– DeShawn, Reader

Just when you think you have it all figured out, E. W. throws you for another loop.

– Taneshia, Reader

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